How to Comission
a Tapestry

You need a tapestry?

If you want to bring some new ideas into decorating your room, you need to contact us and express your thoughts.
Deside what you want the tapestry for, where you want it to go, and how large you want it. Determine if you want something abstract or realistic. Are there colors you especially want to be dominant? Do you want it to blend with the interior or stand in contrast to it? Do you want the artist to have free reign or do you want to collaborate with the artist to arrive at the final image.

If it is difficult for you to decide, we will help you.

The cost sums from: a) making a sketch (from 20 to 100$, depends on its complexity); b) cost of fabric (from 20 to 100$/ m2); c) cost of working (from 200 to 300$).Time and cost depends on size and complexity (from week to several month).
You can comission a portrait, the cost is from 300$ to ...
If you want, we can develop and make not only tapestry on the wall, but also decorative pillows, curtains, coverings and other interesting things.

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