Sharapova Alevtina
Tapestry "Encounter "
Tapestry "Conceiving of life"
Tapestry "Virgin with the unicorn"
Rug "Morning star"
Sumakh "Harvesting"
Pillow "Stars"
Krylova Tatiana
For sale! Tapestry "Fire"
Tapestry "Seaside"
For sale! Tapestry "Viking"
For sale! Tapestry "Old bridge"
Boot with the tapestry gusset
For sale! Tapestry "Portrait of Helen"
For sale! Pillow "Wild night cat, gnawing a bird"
Efimov Alexander
Tapestry "City"
Three rugs on daghestan motives
Tapestry "Lilies"
Tapestry "Bunder"
Tapestry "Evening"
Tapestry "Venice"
Tapestry "Castle"
Vasilyeva Darya
Tapestry "Harmony of life"
Tapestry "St. Sergy Radonejsky"
Tapestry "Lady in the garden"

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