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How to Comission a Tapestry


What you need the tapestry for?
And what is it?

One can say, that it is a woven picture, or it is a wall rug, or it is a tea-pot mat. Actually, it is an ancient art, that can express different ideas through symbols. Tapestry likes allusions and hints. What does artist depict: a flower, that is picked from the culm, or a butterfly, waves with white horses, or pale leaves, fallen into the river?

Tapestry can create the atmosphere of mystic dusk of the wood or easiness of flecks of sunlight. You can't achieve this effect with reproductions or rugs from the store.

Every tapestry is unique, it has its own personality. The artist of tapestry puts into it a part of his world, every fiber is submitted to the general conception. When you want to evaluate the tapestry, you need not only to see it, but to touch it. The texture forms different effects of light and shade, the artist can accent it with the piles, different yarn and so on.

Tapestry is very time consuming process, but don't believe, that you need years for weaving. It is fair only for great handiwork ; of Middle Ages with a great amount of color details . A craftsman need 2-4 days to make a simple tapestry 20cm x 20cm. How long it takes depends on the amount of detail and the fineness or coarseness of the sett. The sett refers to the vertical threads through which the colored yarns are interwoven. The sett for contemporary tapestry usually ranges between 4 to 8 threads to the inch. For antique tapestries they were more in the range of 20 threads to the inch.

Even a child of 10 years old can learn how to weave a simple rug, but you need to be an artist to create a really valuable fabric. A good tapestry will gratify you for years, it will produce a peculiar feeling.

If you want to decorate your house or office, you can ask an artist to help you and create a tapestry for you. Have a look at our Gallery and then find out How to Commission a Tapestry.

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